Hi-Tech Mower Slices Grass With Laser

Lawn mowers have come a long way since Percy Thrower's push-along boneshakers...you can now relax on one fitted with the Internet!

The ride-on mower looks like something from a James Bond film and even has its own Moonraker-style laser beams.

But the only thing you destroy are blades of grass.

The mower comes complete with leather interior,an on-board computer and even Internet access.

But in reality it's nothing more than a lawn mower!

Built on the chassis of a Mercedes 'Smart' car,it has an revolutionary attachment on the front which literally uses a laser to trim grass to within 1mm of the set cutting height.

Grass level cameras monitor the cut,performed by photons bouning between mirrors,and the grass cuttings are then chopped and dried before being applied back to the lawn where they act as a fertiliser.

The process is virtually noiseless and the Wales-based makers say the laser is specially designed to cut through grass stalks whilst remaining safe for other plants,bushes and anything else which might be exposed to it.

With a 44hp engine,the bright yellow two-seater is approved for use on public roads where it can travel at motorway speeds.

The built in Internet/intranet access enables you to order and pay for all the materials you need online and "perform other administrative tasks" while simultaneously cutting the grass.